I chose Gay, you chose Islam
I cried my heart out, while you remained calm
I chose self love, you chose me out
I tried to reason with you, but you stayed devout

I chose the light, you chose restrictions,
Your words and your book are full of contradictions
I chose a wife, you chose your pride
I’ll face the anger of the ones on your side

I chose to be true, I chose to be me,
I chose to no longer be shackled, be free
I chose to let go, the past, the confusion
That sexuality and religion is a delusion

The left holds one and the right holds the other
When all is done, you will still be my father and mother
My love holds no bounds, I wish yours didn’t either
I wish you didn’t make me choose, to see you or see her

I’ll hold out for the day that these choices no longer matter
That we can just be, and no hearts have to shatter
It won’t be about religion or who is my mate
I just hope it’s before it’s too late.

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