We are moving!!

Bristol Queer Muslims are joining Hidayah.

What this means for Bristol based people

This means, people accessing this site will now have access to a bigger resource facility, be part of a bigger group that are blessed with a multitude of volunteers who have their own set of skills.

What about Bristol meet ups?

Hidayah are a national organisation who have contact points and meetings occurring nationally. Bristol meet ups will continue to happen, the meet ups will continue to be advertised on the Meet ups page for now, however it will eventually move to Hidayah marketing to be in line with other group meets.

Where do I go for support or to contact us?

We will be using info@hidayahlgbt.co.uk email contact, add in your subject that you are from Bristol or the surrounding areas and it will be forwarded to me. The JabeenGroup@gmail.com will still be monitored but please try and use the Hidayah contact details.

Hidayah are on Twitter, Facebook and have a great website which will include information for Bristol. The website address is http://www.hidayahlgbt.co.uk

This is an extremely exciting time for us to expand and work in collaboration with a larger, more established group, with the aim of helping support Queer Muslims everywhere!

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