New year, renewed vision

Hello, Aslamo alaikum and hey!

My 2019 goal is to shout loud and proud that being Gay and Muslim is possible!

Living your true self doesn’t have to be closeted, you don’t have to choose between being queer and Muslim, and you certainly don’t have to feel like what you are, is not allowed!

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves, you don’t have to start a national movement on the “agenda”, or come out at your local mosque. Small acts of letting your light shine into the world is enough.

Visit that website, talk to that someone you know is queer, visit that group you keep secretly looking at, go to that club night for desi queers, tell YOURSELF you are Queer AND Muslim and that is o.k.

Sending you all queer love and hugs. Xxx

What is this site about?

Welcome to the first Bristol safe space that you can call your own!

Being a Queer Muslim myself, I tried to find support online but couldn’t find any local groups or contacts. They were in cities like London or Birmingham.

This site is for Muslim people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans gender/sexual, Queer or Intersex and anything else you identify with.

The site is to support one another, to have an online presence that doesn’t judge you, tell you that you must change or that you are committing a sin!

The site will NOT support, nor tolerate any hate crime, discrimination, prejudice or negativity.